Although going quick is exciting, how well can you stop at peak power?

This is something all car enthusiasts should take into account. If you’re driving a racing car, a streetcar, or just for the everyday drive, how well you brake and how much you brake can make a significant difference. A big brake kit has many advantages, including improved efficiency, durability, and even aesthetics, which we will discuss below.


1. Increased Performance
Big brake kits, in short, have bigger callipers that house an oversized brake pad, which helps improve brake strength
in high-heat situations. More contact pins are used to secure and compress the larger brake pads in the larger
callipers. The time it takes to stop is also reduced with more brake pad surface on the brake rotor.

Larger callipers also help in the dissipation of heat produced by the brake process, resulting in less brake fade, which
is the buildup of energy and heat in the brakes that causes them to begin slipping after prolonged usage.

Many big brake kits also come with two-piece rotor designs, which offer lightweight, fade-free performance, and
effective grip on the racetrack, as well as convenient, easy-to-use operation in everyday driving. The two-piece rotor
reduces rotating and unsprung weight, allowing your vehicle to stop faster and more effectively.

2. Longevity and increased strength
Increased strength is a significant advantage. Most of our performance brake kits have ultra-lightweight callipers
made from a solid billet of aerospace-grade aluminium rather than being cast or welded together. This ensures
uniform thickness and strength across the calliper block, eliminating weak spots that can cause fracturing, warpage,
and failure over time. Furthermore, calliper pistons are made of aluminium and are covered by heavy-duty seals that
can withstand extreme temperatures. Better heat transfer ensures the pistons slide smoothly and uniformly without
dragging, and the aluminium structure ensures that calliper activity remains corrosion-free over time. Furthermore, an
opposed-piston configuration guarantees consistent brake pad grip and wear on both sides of the rotor.

3. Enhanced Appearance
Another advantage of a big brake kit is its appearance. Brake callipers are available in a variety of painted colours,
including Red, Black, Yellow and many more.

Our big brake kits give you the option of cross-drilled or slotted rotors, giving you even more customization options.
To get the most out of your brake setup, you upgrade to slotted or cross-drilled rotors. The cross-drilled rotor is
made to dissipate heat and brake gases, resulting in faster braking and less brake fade. Slotted rotors improve
efficiency over drilled rotors because they disperse heat and braking gases more effectively while reducing pad wear.
Both rotor styles have more “bite” than stock rotors.

In conclusion
The advantages of a big brake package are practically infinite, whether you’re building a racecar, a show car, or
anything in between. Brake kits have something for everyone, including improved efficiency, appearance, and
durability, but no matter what your needs are, being able to brake quickly and safely is critical.